1 Waiting to march to the Opening Ceremony

2 On the march to Kensington Oval

3 A little rain didn’t stop us

4 The girls get into the swing of things after a rum punch or two

5 Sir Garfield Sobers sends us on our way

6 Lost the toss – should have called windmills

7 The girls lend support at King’s Park CC

8 Danny McVey gets excited

9 A great social occasion after the match

10 Thank you ball presented to Kings Park president

11 Paul Clarke receives the duck from a relieved Peter Quirk-1

12 Picnic Day at Harbour Lights

13 John Rice showing he can be a tosser

14 Danny’s seat collapsed,putting him out of the match but still receieved MOM from game 1

15 Ian Hodge gets one away

15 John Rice against St Joseph Cultural

16 Noel Chapman had a field day

17 Skipper Trunkie presents Shirley (yes!) with his medal

18 The gang on the pier at the Radisson resort, home for 13 nights

19 Paul Clarke inspects the soggy pitch at Isolation Cavaliers ground

20 The Cavaliers club house

21 The quirky Cav’s club where we made up for the washout in style

22 After a few rum punches Captain Phil (master of the wet) presents the appreciation ball

23 The Caribbean Legends Museum with Gordon Greenidge

24 Roger Black inspects the Barbados amazing honour board

25 An impressive collection of material – in the cases

26 Sir Garfield Sobers room

27 The Rev Sir Wes Hall and Charlie Griffith room

28 Desmond Haynes spoke passionately about the ills of WI cricket

29 We could have done with his assistance on the field

30 Captain Sparrow, look out

31 Geoff Kirk is up on all the medical pitfalls while touring

32 John must be hoping they’ll get him a drink

33 Sir Everton Weekes wrote a message of encouragement for Robert Holland, one of many

34 Cathie chats to Wes Hall with news of Robert Holland

35 The ladies at Gordon Greenidge’s fund raiser

36 Roger and Gordon, best buddies

37 This one scared the big ones away Paul

38 Bathsheba, famous surfing spot

39 It was windy

40 Very windy

41 The lads charge into the raging surf

42 A nice evening at Pirate Cove – arrrg

43 The boys relaxed at the Cricket Legends evening

44 The closing ceremony at the Concorde Experience

45 You wouldn’t think we are doing 1,320 mph

46 Laugh, I thought I’d never stop!

47 The Concorde flew the London to Barbados route in 4 hours

48 Wouldn’t be a Caribbean function without a conga line

49 Danny and John entertained us on the pier

50 Noel and Phil

51 Gill and Margaret

52 Graham and Jill

53 Fiona and Paul

54 Danny and Barbara

55 Anne and John

56 Cathie and Roger

57 John and Margaret

58 Sue and Peter

59 Jenny and Geoff

60 Julie and Ian

2017 Barbados
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