1 On the march to the Opening Ceremony

2 The team at the iconic Willows ground

3 Memorabilia Willows change rooms

4 John Fryer’s presentation

5 Opponent Robbie Deans charmed the ladies

6 More Robbie Deans admirers

7 Picnic Day, flick the bottle top into the cup

8 Scoring is a tough job

9 The toast with the Karaka Stallions

10 The gate onto the field, Karaka Stallions

10a Arun Mukherjee on the charge.

11 Classical Danny McVey

12 Paul Clarke finallt rid of the duck

13 John Rice the new Duckman

14 Game 3 v Fingletoads on Hagley Nursery Ground

15 Roger Black ties up the Fingletoads

16 The wily Geoff Kirk in action

17 Ian Hodge cut shot

18 Mark Schaafsma escorted to the crease by the netball ladies

19 Netballer commiserations on dismissal

20 John Fryer pulls one for 6

21 Graham Halton on his way to retirement score

22 Mark Schaafsma powering through the off

23 Mark, man of the match

24 Bill Schafer

25 Bill sprinting

26 Bobby Douglas, imperious

27 Four out of five are interested..

28 The Team. Won against Fingletoads

29 Boss Cathie with the Tav’s Spirit of Cricket award

2018 Christchurch
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